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New York's "Grand Canyon" (Photo via Flickr)

If you're lucky enough to have visited, then you know that Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park deserves all the glory that comes with its name. What you may not know, however, is that you can experience nearly the same sort of awe at other grand canyons across the country. If a trip to Arizona isn't an option (or if you made one with an older child and don't want to retrace your steps with the younger set), consider planning a family vacation around one of the Grand Canyon's namesakes in a different state.

MiniTime has a great write-up on the quartet of alternate grand canyons - take a read through, and see if one might inspire this year's family trip!


Tania said...

Grand Canyon is the place I'm hot for. It's a real beauty of the nature that always beckons me. When I was in The USA some years ago, I spent some time on the Mackinac Island, MI. Since that time the place has been in my memory.

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