Kid-Friendly World Heritage Sites

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of UNESCO's World Heritage List, and National Geographic had the brilliant idea of sifting through the full list to highlight 10 destinations of particular interest to children. (This was no small undertaking: the list boasts 936 treasures from around globe.)

I love the idea of opening our children's eyes to the very best our planet has to offer, and now I'm dreaming of whisking my family off to a playground forged 60 million years ago by volcanoes along Northern Ireland's coast, to the Roman Empire's largest amphitheater (you think the Super Bowl is impressive? think again), or to view the mind-blowing animal migration across Serengeti National Park.

Take a scroll through the full list - it lists basic info for each entry, as well as what makes them so kid-friendly. Then, get dreaming: it's January, the time for making big, crazy plans!


Tania said...

I think it's not only kid-friendly, but also adult-friendly places. I'd like to visit all of them.

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