One Year After Hurricane Sandy, NYC Best Western Thrives

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A year after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, one extra-spectacular New York City business provides us with the opportunity both to remember the loss and struggle following the Super Storm, and also to celebrate the hard work residents of the area have exhibited in the past year. The Best Western Plus Seaport Inn suffered severe flooding and damage from high tides following the hurricane, but through the exceptional hard work of the Seaport Inn crew, they were able to reopen their doors to guests in a little over a month, thus playing an important role in the repair and revitalization of the neighborhood.

For their efforts and commitment to doing what they do best (that's providing a place to rest your head, top-notch customer service, and yummy DIY waffles, of course), the Best Western Plus Seaport Inn was awarded with a whopping three prestigious awards at the Best Western International Convention: the M.K. Guertin Award, the Champion Customer Care Award and the Best Western Green Award. 

The next time you're looking for a place to stay in the Big Apple, check for rooms at the Best Western Plus Seaport Inn; when my family stayed with them a few years ago we fully enjoyed our visit, and what a hard-working, resilient place!  


Anonymous said...

That doesn't surprise me, although for those who can afford a higher end hotel, I would recommend a place like the Soho hotel. That place is simply AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Its great they got that area going again. Not sure if the seaport itself totally operational. check out NYC escorts

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