Safe to bring a baby to Mexico?

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When Paris was 1-year-old and my friends Aimee and Nate invited me to their wedding in Mexico, I immediately said, "Of course, we'll all go!"

I always assumed I would be the adventurous type and tote my kids everywhere and anywhere. Istanbul? Sure. The Amazon? No problem. Mexico? A cinch.

I went through all the motions of planning our trip without any second thoughts—until a week before our departure when a friend asked, "Have you gotten shots?"

"What shots? No! Are you kidding? Do you really need special vaccinations for Mexico?"

I hadn't even talked to our pediatrician about the trip. Stupid me!

This led me to the Internet where I read a blog written by a mom whose infant nearly died from a strange bug picked up in Oaxaca. And then I visited the Center for Disease Control's site that recommended seeing a health-care professional four to six weeks before the trip.

I flipped! I called our pediatrician, Dr. Udovic, who by then was used to my freak outs. We talked about where I was taking Paris—Zihuatanejo and a small town called Troncones 30 minutes north—and determined that our family was headed for safe ground. No shots needed. In fact, the standard vaccinations are all that's recommended for most travel in Mexico.

As soon as I stepped off the plane into the warm, soft air, I kicked myself for worrying. Our trip was smooth, easy, and relaxing. We spent our days lounging in the pool and playing in the surf. Of course, we took precautions and drank only bottled water and we carefully selected restaurants, but my initial anxieties were unfounded.

Mexico is a great place for families—especially those living on the West Coast. The plane flight is short and accommodations are reasonably priced—compared to Hawaii. Our beachside hotel with two swimming pools was $100 a night. Best of all, the Mexicans adore children. At dinner, the waitstaff would take turns holding Paris while we ate. Once a waitress even rocked her to sleep.

Ever traveled with kids to Mexico? Please share your stories.


Anonymous said...

Babies don't have to go to Mexico to get sick. One of my infant grandsons caught norwalk virus at Disney World in Florica. They knew it was a risk and did not tell the public. We discovered that in the emergency room. I was livid and still am! I have lived in Mexico for almost 15 years and have never gotten sick. In my humble opinion, it is far safer for you and your baby south of the border than north of it.

Anonymous said...

sorry - rented fingers: Florida

Tanya said...

Hi Amy, Did your baby drink milk while in Mexico? I am thinking of taking my 16 month old and the only concern I have is the milk. We would be staying at a 4.5 star resort, what do you think?

Luka said...

I plan to go to Cancun in April with my 8 months old dangter and 3 years old son. I want to know is it ok to bring the ready to feed formula to Mexico? What about medicine? Thanks so much for your information.

elizabeth said...

My family is from Mexico and we traveled there from the time I was 2 until today, and my son made his first trip at 9 months. You can bring powdered formula on the plane and stores like Gigante, Soriana and Wal-Mart have the same powdered formula you buy in the U.S. The milk is also safe to drink, but if you're feeling unsure about the milk at the hotel, head to above-mentioned stores and get some of your own. They don't have Baremans, but there is Leche Lala, which is really good.

iserve pharmacy said...

I would like to read more about it because I am going to visit Mexico and maybe I will live there !

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